Our Company

We are a consulting firm specializing exclusively in the Dynamics 365 product line. Wolftek was formed in 2002 and has branches in Chicago, IL and San Diego, CA. We have been serving the Dynamics 365 community since 2004, going back to the times when Dynamics 365 F&O was called Axapta and the product version was 2.5.  As part of helping our clients, we have gained expertise in all aspects of the Dynamics 365 implementation. Our depth and breadth of implementation experience, combined with our technical delivery model makes us uniquely positioned to provide implementation, update and support services to our clients.

Our Passion

We are passionate about helping our clients run their businesses and gain results through their Dynamics 365 F&O implementations. We pride ourselves on the quality of the work we bring to our clients' organizations, while allowing them to control the implementation costs through our delivery approach.

Our Drive

Our motto is "Implement Clean. Build awesome."  It stands for our worldview of striving to implement Dynamics 365 F&O with as few customizations as possible.  If we have to introduce custom code, however, we build it awesomely, with the highest quality standards.

Paying it forward

When we started implementing AX, the product documentation was almost non-existent.  Our major source of information was the various online AX forums and blogs from around the world.  Our Blog today is our way to share and give back to the Dynamics 365 community and to say thanks to many consultants, developers, and D365 users who take their time to share the information about D365 online.